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by 沈良澤 2011-03-27 08:57:36, Reply(0), Views(624)
Perhaps Love   perhaps love is like a resting placeA shelter from the stormIt exists to give you comfortIt is there to keep you warmAnd in those times of troubleWhen you are most aloneThe memory of love will bring you home Perhaps love is like a windowPerhaps an open doorIt invites you to come closer It wants to show you moreAnd even if you lose yourselfAnd don`t know what to doThe memory of love will see you through
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by 沈良澤 2011-02-27 15:04:52, Reply(1), Views(895)
 史帝夫‧賈伯斯(Steve Jobs)是電腦業界的標竿人物,他從小被加州一個工人家庭收養,只讀了一個學期的大學。一九七六年,二十一歲的他與史帝
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by 沈良澤 2011-02-22 11:26:03, Reply(1), Views(706)
Summer Snow - Sisselit's summer snow in the deep blue seai try to touch, but it fades awayit must be a dream i will never getjust like my love that's crying for youif there were something not to cha
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