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Work Experience
1. 何孟芬, "A Multi-view Vision-based Hand Motion Capturing System [Pattern Recognition]," , 2011.
2. 何孟芬, "Gait analysis for human identification through manifold learning and HMM [Pattern Recognition]," , 2008.
Domestic Paper
1. 何孟芬, "應用於5.3GHz之1×2圓極化陣列微帶天線研究 [2014年民生電子研討會]," , 2014.
2. 何孟芬, "Distributed Temperature Detection System for PET Blow Molding Machines [2014機光電技術與應用研討會]," , 2014.
3. 何孟芬, "即時手勢燈控系統 [2014電腦視覺、影像處理與資訊技術研討會]," , 2014.
4. 何孟芬, "Gait Analysis for Human Walking Paths and Identities Recognition [ICME(IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo]," , 2009.
5. 何孟芬, "People Tracking and Counting for Applications in Video Surveillance System [IEEE International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing]," , 2008.
6. 何孟芬, "Human Motion Parameter Capturing Using Particle Filter and Nonparametric Belief Propagation [IEEE Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation]," , 2008.
7. 何孟芬, "Gait Analysis for Human Indentification through Manifold Learning and HMM [(ISCAS)IEEE Int. Conf. on Circuits and Systems]," , 2007.
8. 何孟芬, "Adaptive Rate Control For H.264/Avc Using Kalman Filter [(ISCAS)IEEE Int. Conf. on Circuits and Systems]," , 2006.
9. 何孟芬, "Abnormal Event Detection in Video using N-cut Clustering [IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing]," , 2006.